Tracking with RaceQs App

RaceQs is a FREE sailboat race tracking app for iPhone and Android.  After registering your boat’s name, all you (or a member of your crew) have to do is set it to turn on at 7 PM each Tuesday.  Everything else is automatic.  You can set a 3-hour duration, but the app will turn itself off when it senses that the phone is no longer on a boat.

When the app “sees” a bunch of active users in the same vicinity on the water, it “knows” we are racing.  On the most basic level, it tracks each boat’s location and speed over the ground, but, if your  smart phone is stored in a way that it can “feel” the boat’s movements (not in someone’s pocket or bag), it will record heeling, yawing, etc.  After the race, one of us draws in the marks, based on the fleet’s apparent track, and then the app provides a detailed “3D video” of the race, with changing analytics of each boat’s performance and boat to boat comparisons, a la America’s Cup broadcasts.  The “live” feed has a 5-minute delay, so none of this can be used between opponents during the race; it’s all meant to help you and your crew after the race.

RaceQs estimates true wind, based on local forecasts and the movement of our boats.  We can make it a little more informed by feeding it some information about our class breakdown and start times.  (No need to focus on how two boats of different classes and different start times are doing against each other, and this is also important if we have different courses.)  The video display will show your boat name and you can select an avatar from a list of popular boat designs.

Tracking uses a lot of battery power, so we suggest having a battery backup plugged into your RaceQs phone.

We’ll review all this at our kickoff meeting on May 8, but you might want to download the app and check it out before then.  Full information is available at

We have already informed RaceQs of the times and locations of our races in 2018.  This is not necessary for tracking purposes, but it allows them to set up a special display page bearing our name.  Select your view: Helm, Front, Match, Fleet, Course, or let the app vary the views as the display runs.  Our display page (blurry screen shot below) is at