Boat of the Year

Richard E. “Dick” Sockol – Wavemaker Trophy for Boat of the Year

Congratulations to CHICKEN WING, our 2017 Boat of the Year!

The permanent Wavemaker Trophy currently displayed at the Halloween Yacht Club

In 2005, after the death of the Breakwater Irregulars founder, Dick Sockol, the Management Committee decided to remember Dick with a trophy in his honor. The “Wavemaker Trophy” was then created to honor the “Boat of the Year,” named after Dick Sockol’s series of successful yachts named Wavemaker.  The trophy is  awarded to the boat winning first place in the most competitive division that year.  It’s the boat that beat the second and third place boats by the smallest margin. In 2006 a permanent trophy was designed and donated by Dick’s widow Marjorie.  It resides at the Halloween Yacht Club, where Dick and Margie were members for many years.

At the 2005 Awards Dinner the trophy was presented to Ron and Marty Weiss for the outstanding performance of their boat, Crazy Horse. In 2006 the award was presented to Rich Nugent and the crew of Xanadu. Then the Xanadudes did it again in 2007.

David Sockol, grandson of Dick Sockol, representing the Sockol family (left) and Rich Nugent, owner of Xanadu, recipient of the 2006 Wavemaker Trophy for the Boat of the Year at the 2006 Breakwater Irregulars Award Dinner. Smiles even wider when Rich and crew did it again in 2007!
BI Commodore Diane McKeever (2007) presents Wavemaker Trophy to HYC Commodore Ken Makowski.