Gathering Spots

Here are some of the places our racers go to swap sailing stories after each Tuesday’s race. If you know about other places, please drop BI Webmaster a note.  Think about trying one of these locations.  Sailboat racing benefits from talking about your experiences and socializing with teammates and opponents.  And it makes you hungry and thirsty.

Vineyard Deck at the Stamford Yacht Club

Perfect spot for casual recapping, refreshments and a special post-race bar menu.  You can usually find the Committee Boat crew here.  BI members who are not SYC members may apply for special charging privileges after our races. The form is available on our Unofficial Notices page.  Note:  SYC does not have dining and bar service on Tuesdays until the second week of June.  

Halloween Yacht Club

No service, but plenty of atmosphere.  Boats docked at HYC often bring their own food and refreshments to the clubhouse and terrace.  HYC Sailing Fleet Captain Alex Henkin (Teva) says all BI members are welcome to join them.

Villa Italia

Now at 26 Mill River Street in The Hampton Inn, formerly on East Main Street, Stamford

This is one of the original places BI skippers and crews go to unwind. Some folks have been eating their pizza after racing for over 25 years!  Some say it is the best pizza in the area.

Colony Grill
172 Myrtle Avenue, Stamford
(Now located on Phase II of The Urban Transitway!)

Colony was the OFFICIAL post-race meeting place for the Breakwater Irregulars in its early years, and it’s still popular with several of our crews today.  Like our PRO, Colony has become kinder and gentler in recent years.  Takes credit cards, etc.  Toppings include hot oil, pepperoni, meatball, onions, mushrooms, peppers, sausage, stingers, bacon, cherry peppers, black olives, and anchovies.  They even have salad pizza.  Despite the changes, some say THIS is the best pizza in Stamford.

Our story…

Posted by Colony Grill – Port Chester on Monday, August 14, 2017


Brennan’s Restaurant
82 Iroquois Road, Stamford

This popular restaurant is a little hard to find but worth the look. It’s off Shippan Avenue.

Hope Pizza
230 Hope Street, Stamford, CT 06906

Some crews like Hope Pizza because it’s on the way home for the New Canaan folks and the pizza is cut the “Greek way”, into many pieces, making it easier to share.  Hope Pizza has frequently sponsored our Gourmet Award.

Bulls Head Diner
43 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06905

A classic diner on High Ridge Road, always has something for everyone. If you’re still on the Sound at 10 PM, this may be one of your only options.

Paradise Grill
78 Southfield Avenue, Stamford

Stamford (formerly City Limits) Diner
135 Harvard Avenue, Stamford

Tomato Tomato [to-MAY-to to-MAH-to]
401 Shippan Avenue, next to West Marine