RC Duty Roster

Race Committee Duty

Boats in our fleet take turns assisting the permanent race committee staff in officiating races aboard On The Line. This tradition dates back to the days when there was no permanent race committee or race committee boat.  In recent years, we’ve been fortunate to have permanent race committee volunteers and, thanks to Stamford Yacht Club, a fully equipped race committee boat.

To fulfill your Race Committee duty, your boat must assign a minimum of two qualified people to the Race Committee and provide dinner for all aboard (4 permanent RC members plus your 2 or more, if you wish).  Bring food, plates, utensils and cups.  The RC boat will have water, soft drinks and ice.  You may bring beer and wine.  Remember that you will be eligible for the annual Gourmet Award!

Your boat is eligible to race on the same night as your Race Committee duty.  If you choose NOT to race, you will receive a credit for the race, based on the average of your scores in the series.  It’s your choice.

“On the Line” will be at the dock at the Stamford Yacht Club.  Please have your crew ready to board no later than 6:00 PM.

To add your boat to the schedule, please contact Tony Olmer and Steve Campana at rcduty@breakwaters.org.

2018 Spring Series Assignments:


2018 Summer Series Assignments:


Thanks to these boats that volunteered in 2017: Skylark, Unplugged, Conundrum Rhiannon, Borderline, Growth Spurt, Neva, Kekoa, Elan, Gringo, Paul’s Hardware, Mischief, Pegasus, Navis Bona, Joyride, and Roo.

Thanks to these boats that volunteered for RC duty in 2016: Skylark, Elan, Sea Song, Evil Monkey, Raven, Borderline, Rhiannon, Growth Spurt, Kekoa, Chasseur, Carbonado, Chicken Wing, Bouree, M Squared, Arion and Miller’s Crossing.

Thanks to these boats that volunteered for RC duty in 2015: Windrush, Pegasus, Elan, Pterodactyl, Roo, Veronica, Navis Bona, Borderline, Moxy, Mischief, Chicken Wing, Evil Monkey, Rhiannon, M Squared, Joyride and Skylark.

Special congratulations to Chasseur, which won the coveted Gourmet Award in our 50th Anniversary Summer.