Sockol Award

Richard E. Sockol
Breakwater Irregulars Sportsmanship Award

Named after the founding Commodore of the Breakwater Irregulars this award is reserved for that skipper and/or crew member who consistently demonstrates extraordinary courtesy, responsibility and prudent application of the racing rules to enhance our enjoyment of the sport.

Dick Sockol in the beginning days of our racing program would anchor his yacht WAVEMAKER between the breakwaters, start everyone else, then pull up his anchor and race with the rest of the fleet. The first person to finish was responsible to take the time of everyone else, and most of the time it was Dick that finished first….then on to Ponus Yacht Club for burgers and beer….

Like the level of sportsmanship it honors, the award has been presented only four times since its inception. The following Breakwater Irregular yachtsmen have been so recognized by their racing peers at our annual awards dinners:

  • Leon Hillman “Elektra”
  • Richard Collins “Gonnagitcha Again”
  • Jack Alexander “Oh Boys”
  • Joe Citarella “Windrush”

We are very proud to sail with these skippers and their crews!

The Sockol Award is administered by the BI Management Committee, which will review any nominations received and and make a final selection. Any skipper and/or crew member who participates in our races is eligible and may nominate anyone other than themselves for the award. Nominating letters may be dispatched at any time.  In addition to the criteria described above, the Sockol Award may be merited by a singular, outstanding act of courtesy or sportsmanship during a race.

We invite all members of the Breakwater Irregulars to be alert for opportunities to recognize sportsmanship on the Sound. The Sockol Award is a permanent trophy to be retained by each winner.