Attendance of the annual banquet on November 22 at Stamford Yacht Club broke recent records and included representatives of almost all our member boats. Thanks to all who made it such an enjoyable evening and to the members who showed their support of the Young Mariners Foundation.

Thanks, also, to Mike Ryan of Navis Bona, who has been providing the banquet’s slide show for the last few years. If you want to request a copy of one of Mike’s pictures (every boat EXCEPT Navis Bona), go to the Officers page and click on his name to send him a request.

Now let’s focus our enthusiasm on including MORE BOATS and MORE CREWS in Tuesday night sailing for the summer of 2015. A larger fleet means better racing and more fun for everyone. If you have any thoughts on how we can expand the fleet, please send them to the managing committee.

2015 Racing begins May 12th, ends August 25th – 16 races total. Registration for 2015 is now open – signup HERE.

Breakwater Irregulars offers some of the best sailboat racing on Long Island Sound and we WELCOME your interest.

This very informal–but enduring–association of sailors was founded in 1967 by Dick Sockol to race one evening a week on Long Island Sound near Stamford. (For more history go¬†HERE.) Since then, everyone involved in the Breakwater Irregulars has considered Tuesday the best day of the week. Our members’ PHRF ratings* range widely (they’re irregular!) and the camaraderie of this long established club is legendary. We have a blast both on and off the water! The proof is in the tenure of our members, many of whom are second and third generation legacy members.

Registration is on-line at YachtScoring.com, as are the roster, sailing instructions and weekly racing results. You can check up on the club’s history, our recognition of outstanding sportsmanship, photos and other topics by simply clicking on the tabs above. Any of our Officers will be happy to talk with you.

We acknowledge with appreciation the help of the Stamford Yacht Club, which supports our racing program in many ways, for the good of sailing.

*Don’t have a PHRF? Not a problem. You can obtain one on-line through the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound at www.yralis.org. BUT, if you want to try racing with us some Tuesday before getting a PHRF, go to our Officers page and contact one of us for instructions. Yes, you can “try before you buy”! We know you and your crew will love it.

Welcome aboard!